Tinker Pearce bastard sword

"Hey, wait a minute, Therion. For YEARS you've been telling us to stop using the Victorian term "bastard sword" and use the proper term "longsword", and here you are showing us a BASTARD SWORD!"

"Yeah, I know, and you're right, this is a longsword, and you shouldn't call it a bastard. However, Tinker and Hanwei are producing *two different* longsword sharp/blunt sets - one with a 12" grip and 35" blade, and this one with it's 9" hilt and 33" blade. I could call them a "long grip longsword" and a "medium grip long sword", but that would start getting a bit confusing. Tinker calls this a "bastard sword", so in order to minimize confusion, I'm going with bastard sword, JUST IN THIS INSTANCE. The Tinker Pearce longsword is the long grip longsword, the sword pictured/listed on this page is the medium grip longsword. Capice? We cool?"

Sharp bastard sword with an Oakeshott type XII blade, developed by Michael "Tinker" Pearce, produced by Paul Chen / Hanwei. 5160 spring steel, marquenched. Flat wheel-pommel with beveled edges, straight modified 'bow-tie' guard with a truncated triangular cross-section. The hilt can be removed for maintenance or blade replacement using a 5mm allen wrench (included).

length: 42 1/2""
blade: 33"
blade width: 2" at base
grip and pommel: 9"
weight: 2 lb 8.5 oz

Also available is a version with a fullered blade (not pictured).

Price: $260

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Price: $280 (fullered)

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