Medieval cavalry battle axe

In earlier ages the axes taken to battle were the same ones used in everyday work. That is not the case with this axe; it was made for war. The wedge shaped blade coupled with the curved shaft made for a very powerful cutting arc that could shear through maille and badly damage shields. When reversed, all of the force of the blow could be concentrated on the hammer back edge, crushing helmets. In the hands of a mounted knight this type of axe was devastating to men on the ground and on horseback alike. The curve of the hardwood shaft added to the power of the blow, and the way the head was mounted with the grip thickening down the grip kept the axe from slipping away when swung or upon impact. An excellent fighting axe and a devastating high-tech weapon for its age.

length: 19 5/8"
head length: 6 3/8"
cutting edge: 3 1/2"
hammer face: 1" x 1/2"
weight: 2 lb 0.0 oz

Closeout Price: $50

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