17th century war hammer

The 17th century saw the Decline of Armor in the face of professional armies and pike and musket and artillery, but there was still hand to hand combat in armor and a need to concentrate a whole lot of impact on a very small area, and this is where the war hammer came in. Armor didn't go away all at once, helmets and breastplates protected cavalry and infantry alike (at least the better off - the Golden Rule applied to armor, too), and they were close, whacking upon your enemy's armored vulnerable bits paid off in a better kill ratio than hacking or stabbing at their unarmored limbs. The head on this style of war hammer smacks of deadly smiting, and the long back spike works quite well at punching holes in pretty much anything it is wielded against. The hardwood haft is lined with decorative tacks for a better grip. Light, fast, packs quite a wallop.

head: 10 3/4"
hammer: 3 3/4"
hammer face: 1 1/4"
spike: 5 3/8"
shaft: 26 1/8"
weight: 2 lb 10.5 oz

Closeout Price: $120

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