Swazi Zulu 'lingedla' war club

length: 31 1/2"
head: 3 /12" long x 2 1/2" wide
shaft: 29"
weight: 1 lb 6.4 oz

From what is now Swaziland - a Swazi Zulu 'lingedla' war club. These one piece clubs were made from the umncuma, or wild olive tree. The head is cut into three parallel sharp ridges, and there is an indentation on the top and bottom of the head that held animal fats - this would keep the weapon from drying out and splitting. The carvings and indentations give the lingedla the appearance of a stylized eagle head. The head has three parallel sharp ridges, functionally turning it into a flanged mace type weapon - particularly devastating in an essentially unarmored society. This particular lingedla, with it's crisp line and woven wire-wrap decorations, is the finest I have ever seen. Early to mid 1900's.