Hollywood Golden Age prop sword

In the Golden Age of Hollywood epics (1940's and 1950's), when John Wayne led the US Cavalry to rescue the frontier damsel in distress, the troopers following The Duke were armed with prop swords such as this one. It is untempered steel that appears to have been anodyzed to a rich golden hue - all of the parts are gold. This looks and handles like a Civil War era cavalry saber, but the edge is square and blunt, to keep the bored film extras from hacking each other's heads off while waiting for the next scene. Amazingly enough, this one is pristine: there are no edge nicks! (some prop masters were more ruthless than others). I've seen film prop swords like this one that were glued into their scabbards - a friend has half a dozen of them in his collection, one of which he spent several hours of work upon, slowly loosening and peeling away the leather scabbard to reveal a golden sword exactly like this one. I've also seen these swords in right-hand and left-hand versions - this one is right-handed.

length: 36 3/4"
blade: 30 3/8"
blade width: 1"
grip and pommel: 6 1/4"
guard: 5"
weight: 2 lb 11.2 oz

Price: $160

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