Palnatoke LARP sword - Drow dagger

Live Action Role Play has come a long way since the days of pipe-insulation covered PVC 'swords' and lightning-bolt beanbags. Some of the weaponry, armor, and accessories (while based more upon fantasy rather than historical reenactment/living history) have gotten to be quite impressive in their craftsmanship and durability.

Palnatoke has been producing movie and stage props for over 25 years, and since 2000 they have been specializing in creating some of the best swords and daggers for LARP available anywhere. All of their latex, foam, and rubber swords are produced in Denmark with materials sourced from around Europe. These swords have fiberglass cores, graduated hardness soft to semihard foam blades, leather wrapped grips, and ten-step processed layers of top grade rubberized coatings on the blades and crossguards. The coating is the best on the market, making these weapons extremely durable, scratch free, maintenance free, and easily cleaned. The reinforced tips are engineered with a graduated flex for safety and durability in thrusting.

Here's a cutaway view of a Palnatoke sword tip:

This Drow dagger matches the Drow Lord sword.