.75 caliber handgonne

length: 58 5/8" (4'10 5/8")
barrel: 12"
chamber: 5 3/8"
weight: 5 lb 11.0 oz

From my Samples, Singulars, and Somethings Completely Different collection -

An original "Mars" .75 caliber black powder handgonne (circa 1380) reproduction made by Master Graywolf of (the now defunct) TherionArms was one of the main distribution points for these handgonnes, and this is the second that has come back to me in the past year. This gonne (production number 24) comes with the original linstock, rammer, and vent pick. The tiller is a replacement - and quite frankly, it's better than the original. The touch hole has been slightly countersunk to better hold priming powder (a head-slapping "why didn't we think of that when they were first made!" addition.)

.75 caliber bore, which is equvalent to a modern 12 gauge. Dual chambered design for safety and comfort in firing. This is a large weapon, not necessarily for the beginning black powder gunner.

(Master Graywolf firing a prototype .75 handgonne)

There are no national ATF regulations or restrictions concerning these hand cannon, but CHECK YOUR LOCAL LAWS BEFORE PURCHASING. The BATF classifies this as a non-firearm due to the primitive ignition system, but the gonnes may still fall under Dangerous Devices regulations if improperly used or stored (i.e. left loaded or transported loaded).

THIS IS NOT A TOY - 600 years ago, this was a state-of-the-art advanced weapons system, and improper use can result in your joining the original users as a part of history.


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