Kingdom of Heaven - Saracen mace

length: 30"
head: 7" x 2"
weight: 4 lbs 3.4 oz

From my Samples, Singulars, and Somethings Completely Different collection -

Actually, this war club is from the Kingdom of Heaven collection - a selection of swords, helmets, and weapons from "Kingdom of Heaven", directed by Ridley Scott. The Collection items were exactly the same as the items that appeared in the film, made by the same company that made the screen props and costumes. This Saracen mace has a heavy antiqued brass six-sided head, and the sheesham wood shaft is flared and curved at the butt for a firm grip. This mace would really pack a wallop (really - a 4 lb crushing weapon doesn't sound like much, but it is quite the beast. Don't believe me? Go to your friendly hardware store and pick up a 4lb sledge hammer and wave it about one handed. I'll wait), and would have done quite a number on a maille-clad Crusader. The Kindgom of Heaven Collection went out of production in 2007, and these maces are nearly impossible to find any more. I have one available.