14th century gambeson

From my Samples, Singulars, and Somethings Completely Different collection -

A royal blue 100% padded cotton aketon/gambeson, based on examples shown in Fiore's Fior di Battaglia and meant to be worn under armor. 14th century with grand aisette style armpits and sleeves which allow a nice range of motion without the gambeson riding up when your arms are raised for a ward or strike. Lightly padded with cotton batting, this gambeson isn't overwhelmingly thick and heavy. The gambeson pictured above is the gambeson for sale - it is a sample I recently acquired and it is brand new and unworn (just tried on twice). Chest size was marked 54", but I think it's just a touch smaller, so let's call it a 53". There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, this gambeson is just fine - but one of these days I'll learn that I just can't wear off-the-shelf sized gambesons (almost every non GDFB gambeson I've tried is just a bit too tight across my back and biceps - I'm not (really) braggin' (much), I'm just sayin'). You'll notice that this gambeson doesn't fit my undead quadriplegic minion very well, either, but that's because he's a Large and the gambeson is XXXL. I have just this one gambeson available.