16th century stainless steel arm harness

From my Samples, Singulars, and Somethings Completely Different collection -

Super heavy-duty stainless steel arms that I picked up for my own use a ridiculously long time ago but have only worn a handful of times. The rarebraces were originally riveted closed, I sprung them open for a better fit but one could easily rivet them solid once again. Spot checks with an electronic micrometer read out at 16ga for the rarebraces and vambraces; 14ga for the elbows - and keep in mind this is stainless, so these are *quite* sturdy and protective.

length: 17"
upper arm outside circumference sprung: 18"
upper arm outside circumference closed: 16 1/2"
forearm outside circumference: 13 14"
wrist outside circumference: 10"
overall sizing impression: XL
weight: 4 lb 2.5 oz /each