cleaned Haubergeon with dome riveted 9mm alternating flat rings

From my Samples, Singulars, and Somethings Completely Different collection -

This special sale is a cleaned standard haubergeon with dome riveted 9mm alternating flat rings, one of the 60" chest size versions. (The sizing is measured over a thick gambeson, actualy size is about 35" from shoulder to hem and will fit up to a 54" chest plus gambeson and/arming clothes.) TherionArms offers these as-received (laden with protective oils from the manufacturer), or, for an extra charge, cleaned and sealed (which is a time consuming multi-stage treatment using Simple Green, Evaporust, and acryllic wax.) For sale here is the one pictured above, which I cleaned as a favor for a client before discovering he actually wanted one of the as-is oiled ones. Special discount price so I can send this to a new home before I decide to keep it for myself, as I already have half a dozen different hauberks and hauburgeons. The usual price on this size haubergeon is $400 oiled or $450 cleaned.

(close-up pic copied from the standard listing)