Swiss longsword - sale price

From my Samples, Singulars, and Somethings Completely Different collection -

I recently discovered that one of the new Swiss longswords I have in stock came from the factory with some teeny, tiny (1mm-2mm) chips in the edge, as if someone banged a pair of them together to see how the edges held, and then shipped them out as factory firsts. No, I don't have two of them like this, and yes, I swear I didn't do it - but even though I could easily clean up / resharpen the nicks, I do not want to do that and send this one out to someone as new and factory pristine. That wouldn't be fair to you, or good business ethics.

This one is listed as a singular, on special sale price. It it absolutely brand new and unused, with only the nearly imperceptible small nicks you can see in this closeup picture:

length: 50 1/2"
blade: 37"
blade width: 1 3/4" at guard
blade width: 11/16 at 2" from tip
grip and pommel: 13"
guard: 8"
balance point: 2" (!)
weight (sword): 3 lb 6.5 oz
weight (sword and scabbard): 4 lb 1.5 oz