D-guard main gauche

From my Samples, Singulars, and Somethings Completely Different collection -

A very shiny left-hand main gauche with long quillons and a wire-wrapped grip. It is stamped "India" on the blade ricasso, so I expect that this was made either by Windlass or Depeeka sometime in the past twenty years or so. I don't recognize this particular piece, but rapier and gauche were never my main interests. I have asked a couple of rapier friends, so we may have the identification nailed down soon. Any way - a singular piece, and certainly not something you're likely to find elsewhere, from my collection to your collection.

length: 17"
blade: 11 3/4" to guard
blade: 10 1/2" to ricasso
blade width: 1 3/8" ricasso
blade width: 7/8" at 2" from tip
guard: 8 1/2"
D: 4 1/2" x 2 1/2"
interior wire grip: 4"
weight: 1 lb 2.8 oz