SCA crusader helmet

From my Samples, Singulars, and Somethings Completely Different collection -

13th century style. I picked this up back in '15 because it was one of the most bad-ass looking SCA crusader helmets I'd ever seen (still is!), and I figured I'd wear it for Pennsic and Gulf Wars 'Crusader' battles, but honestly, Crusader is quite far down on my list of reenactment interests these days and it would be an absolute shame for this bad boy to continue to sit in my armory unused and unable to intimidate foes. I don't remember who made it, it was a (very) small business armorer in the US who did a handful of helmets and then disappeared. It's hand-hammered mild steel spangenhelm construction, blackened/browned for rust prevention. With SCA padding, this will likely fit best on smaller-headed rather than larger-headed people. Singular, never worn, just this one available.

outer circumference: 29 1/2" at brow
height: ~11"
weight: 8 lb 10.8 oz