Parade halberd

Need to take a French knight off his horse or defend your unit banner from Spanish rotillero? You need a mucking big halberd. These halberds are a special project I've been working on the past few weeks, they are only available from TherionArms, and there are less than a dozen available. The heads are mid-production Cold Steel Man-A-Arms halberd heads that are edged but have not been tempered or razor-sharpened, but they've also never gotten the annoying tacticool-black finish that is nearly impossible to remove. They weighs about 6 lbs overall. The shaft is top quality octagonal laminated ash. With the lack of temper they're more decorative than fuctional, but they're hefty and solid and will make a great addition to any kit or display.

height: 89"
head: 23 3/4"
blade edge: 8 5/8"
shaft: 65 1/2"
weight: 6 lb 6.0 oz

Comparison photo: the MAA blackened version, a GDFB halberd head, and the Parade halberd.

(Deadite landsknecht)

Price: $220

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