Fencing doublet size 48

From my Samples, Singulars, and Somethings Completely Different collection -

These fencing doublets were made by CAS Iberia from 2003 until production was discontinued in 2011. This one I saved for myself but have never used or worn. It's been on a hanger in my workshop since 2011, I'm staring to think I'll likely never use it, so - you could!

[Original 2003 description:]

["Thick padded and quilted doublet for full protection while fencing with foils, epee, schlager, rapier, or smallswords. All seams are heavily reinforced. Zipper closures disguised with velcro flaps at neck and left side."]

Only this one is available. The last two pictures above are the doublet flipped insided out so that you can see the construction details. The sizing on these was rather generous, this will fit on bigger-than-48 people.

Here's one of these as pictured in 2003, looking a bit flat right out of the shipping container -