Chinese dadao war sword

Classical Chinese two-handed war sword. Used by Imperial troops against rebels and colonial invaders, by Warlord troops against competing warlords, by river pirates, by anti-river pirates, by independent warriors, by bodyguards of rich merchants ... heck, this style sword was used pretty much by everybody in China to hack up everybody else throughout the 1800's. Few swords are more intimidating or more effective than this war sword. A well balanced weapon that's unbelievably fast and agile. Blade is highly polished, it just looks dark in some of the pictures because we had to photograph it at an angle to reduce reflection and glare.

length: 39"
blade: 23 1/2"
blade width (base): 1 13/16"
blade width (max): 3 3/8"
blade thickness: 7/32"
steel: 1050 high carbon spring steel
grip and pommel: 15 1/4"
guard: 6"
balance: 4 1/2" up from guard
sheath: leather
weight: 3 lbs 6.8 oz

Price: $320

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