Skull helmet display stand

World (in)famous TherionArms skull helmet display stand, Mark VI.

About a dozen years ago I decided that I was not satisfied with displaying my helmet collection upon styrofoam wig blocks, so I came up with the Mark I version of this stand. Design improvements have now progressed to the latest version which differs from the earlier version in that the the bases are lacqured and the knobbly "neckbones" are now cut at an angle so that the skull sits with the eyes level (instead of looking slightly upwards as in the previous versions).

Hardwood base and riser, with life sized epoxy resin skull firmly secured and trephinated to hold coins as well as your helmets (there's a release plug under the chin). Display tip - for helmets without liners, put some packing foam or crumpled newspaper in the helmet before putting the helmet on the skull.

Perfect for displaying any type of helmet or headgear - ancient, medieval, renaissance, or modern.