Porcarius gladiator helmet

A high-quality, limited edition reproduction of the helmets worn by the "Porcarius" style Roman gladiators. Not nearly as famous as the more ... um ... famous gladiator types (retiarius, hoplomachus, murmillo), the porcarius (or porcariator, plural poracrii) were a subset of the two-sworded dimachaerii fighters. The dimachaerii were armed with paired gladius swords - the procarii were similarly armed, but with two short pugio daggers. The porcarius fighting style was a short crouch, with the pugio held up near the jawline. Attacks were usually to the lower legs and thighs of opponents. Often, the procarii were matched against packs of hounds, and fought as entertainment during the beast-laden "venationes" part of the munera (gladiator games).

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