Halberd head

This is the classic early 1500's western european halberd head, perfect for German landsknecht or Swiss mercenaries or Italian condotieri or Tudor palace guard. The edges are 1/16" thick blunted for safety in reenactment and training use, but note that the tips of the blade edge and the tip of the back spike are still pretty sharp. Socketed for mounting to a 1 1/4" or 1 1/8" shaft - ash or oak is the historical solution. Do-it-yourself halberd - head only, no shaft - made by GDFB - Get Dressed For Battle.

overall length: 32"
blade edge: 8 3/4"
back spike: 2 1/2"
top spike: 8"
weight: 3 lb 5.0 oz

Price: $60

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