14ga shield boss

(small, standard, large)

Let's face it - standard flat circular or heater shaped plywood shields look like ... a flat piece of plywood shaped in a circle or as a heater with a couple of straps attached. Heraldic paint job optional and often skipped. So, how do you make that piece of wood strapped to your arm scream SHIELD! to the world? Easy - add a boss.

These are standard size 14ga mild steel shield bosses. They are spun on a lathe and then the face is highly polished to remove the spin marks, leaving a perfectly symmetrical smooth boss that's perfect for high-project display shields or rough'n'tumble fighting shields alike.

14 gauge. That's gonna stand up to anything your local super-duke can dish out ... wait, he's more likely to just hit you in the head ... Okay, try again: 14 gauge. That's gonna stand up to more pounding than you absorb doing the "Fight 1,000 fights at Pennsic" routine ...

Usage suggestions: for a viking round, targe or buckler, cut a 6" circular hole in the middle of the proto-shield. Four bolts run through the shield, two bolts run through the shield and through the hand grip of your choice. Viola - center grip round shield with glancing surface, hand protection, and nice heft and balance.

Suggestion two : Attach at the central axis point of your strapped round shield. You don't gain the mobility advantage of the center grip, but your shield sure looks a hell of a lot better.

Suggestion three: Attach at the axis point of a large heater shield (i.e. right about at the center). No need to center grip it, that's just not a really good plan for heater use (unless it's buckler sized, in which case you're fighting sword and buckler, not sword and heater.) Just the fact that you've added a boss to your shield will make it way cooler ... yeah, okay, it's not exactly period, but the style and look are absolutely true to the small plastic Marx figures we played with as kids - and didn't they just rule?

Suggestion four: also works well on a kite shield, teardrop, or scutum - in fact, pretty much any kind of shield.

There you have it - a plethora of good reasons to add this boss boss (sorry, it had to come out sometime) to your fighting rig.

across: 7 1/4"
bowl: 5" x 2"
weight: 1 lb 0.0 oz

Also available are 14ga shield bosses - small and 14ga shield bosses - large.

Price: $25

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