Classic medieval arming sword

This sword is pretty much *the* classic medieval knight's single-hand sword circa 1100: more typologically known as an Oakeshott Type X with a Type I pommel and a Type VII crossguard. The long and wide fuller on this blade lightens the overall sword and make it possible to deliver fast and shearing cuts, capable of cutting through the maille and padding that were worn during the period. The long guard offers good protection from an opponent's shield or blade, while the classic wheel pommel brings the sword very nicely into balance. This type of sword was in service for a long period of time throughout all of Europe.

length: 39 3/8"
blade: 33"
blade width: 2"
grip and pommel: 6"
guard: 8 3/4"
balance point: 6"
weight (sword): 3 lb 4.5 oz
weight (sword and scabbard): 4 lb 1.0 oz

Price: $275

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