German Gothic articulated leg harness

Nine piece articulated German Gothic 3/4 leg harness. 18 gauge mild steel with brass trim - formed, fitted, fluted, polished, impressive and fantastic. Fits a size L to XL warrior. These legs match the German Gothic cuirass.

length/height: 23" along center crease:
across curve, top plate: 11 1/2" wide
wrap plate: 4 1/2"
overall wrap across curvhe: 15 1/2"
overall wrap above knee: 12"
shin wrap: 9 1/2"
width of opening at thigh strap: 7 1/2"
width of opening at knee strap: 5 1/2"
width of opening at shin strap: 4 7/8"
overall height, highest point of thigh to point of demi-greave: 24 1/2"
weight: 7 lb 4.0 oz (each)

Discontinued and sold out