Bascinet with aventail

A 14th century bascinet with a mail aventail (or, as you and I more properly know it, a maille aventail, or as the hoi polloi and the search engines know it, a chain mail aventail. (Yuck, I hate even typing the utterly redundant phrase "chain mail", but that's what the legacy of Victorican era armor typology and Dungeons and Dragons brings us to.)

Anyway, here's a rather spiffy 18 gauge bascinet with an adjustable leather liner, chinstrap, and a butted mail aventail (collar, neck protection) attached in proper fashion, by leather threaded through vervelles. Examples of this type of bascinet are rarely found in museums, but abound on funerary effigies - this is the helmet that knights wore *underneath* the large great helms of the time. Total weight, helmet and aventail, is 7 lb 9.5 ounces