Revolutionary war hanger (cutlass)

American Revolutionary War era sidearm - known alternately as a cutlass, hanger, or cuttoe. Fully tempered high carbon steel blade with fullers on both sides along the spine. Antiqued brass guard and leather-covered grip. Includes matching scabbard. If you watch "Once Upon a Time", you'll regularly see this model hanger at the side of Captain Hook.

length: 33"
blade: 26 1/2"
blade width: 1 1/8" at base
blade width: 7/8" at 2" from tip
guard: 6" x 5"
interior grip length: 4 3/8"
balance point: 2 3/4"
weight (sword): 2 lbs 6.5 oz
weight (sword and scabbard): 2 lbs 12.5 oz

Price: $190

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