Practical main gauche blade

overall length: 18 1/2"
blade length: 14"
blade width: 1 3/16" at base
tang 4 1/2"
weight: 7.2 oz

A blunted, folded-tipped sparring main gauche blade for fencing, safe training, and stage combat. The blade is relatively stiff for the majority of the length, then the last 3" are quite flexible. Made by Paul Chen / Hanwei, this blade is used in the Flexi-dagger main gauche , but it is also designed to fit the:

Solingen main gauche
Solingen main gauche - antiqued
Torino main gauche
Torino main gauche - antiqued
Gustav main gauche
Gustav main gauche - antiqued
Main gauche - wood grip
Main gauche - bone grip

The eight main gauche listed above all come with sharp blades. The practical main gauche sparring blade helps turn your favorite main gauche in to a full sharp/blunt training system. (The rest of the conversion is up to you - practice, practice, practice. Safely, please.)

Discontinued and sold out