Deluxe Arming Jack

Arming Jack - a heavily padded armor jacket for infantry troops - also a base garment for wearing/attaching jack chains or plate armor. Heavy-duty canvas, thick felted padding, sewn leather closures. The deluxe arming jack includes a leather-edged collar and integral arming points on the shoulders and down the arms, and the weight is about 1/3 less than the weight of the standard GDFB arming jacks. Jack pictured above is size XXL, weight is 5 lbs 7 oz. Made by Get Dressed For Battle (GDFB).

Shown above equipped with optional jack chains with elbows.

L - Chest up to 42" (measured over undergarments); length = 28"
XL - Chest up to 46" (measured over undergarments); length = 29"
XXL - Chest up to 50" (measured over undergarments); length = 30"

All sizes discontinued and sold out

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