Greek spearhead

Tempered steel Greek spearhead. Yeah, the Greeks would have had bronze spearheads first and iron spearheads later, and this version is likely tougher than an original would have been, but {yiddish accent} for that you're complaining? {/yiddish accent}. It's the full-length mid-rib up the center of the blade that really gives this spear some serious punch. (And now that you're looking closely at the blade, yes, it's not bilaterally symmetrical - it's meant to be that way.) For folks who are looking to go out and do something impressively and stupidly heroically macho with a spear, this is the spearhead that I recommend. Add your own ash, oak, or hickory spearshaft, and be sure to send me pictures of you being heroically macho with it.

length: 16"
blade: 11"
blade width: 2 3/4" at widest
socket opening: 1 1/8"
socket depth: 4"
weight: 1 lb 1.8 oz

Also available is a matching what-goes-on-the-other-end of the spear: a sarouter / lizard sticker.

Price: $55 (spear head)

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