Giant kukri

A humongous, gigantic, two-handed kukri, made by the government contractor who has been making kukri for the Indian army since 1943. Hand forged from high carbon steel, specially carved native hardwood handle, regulation sheath.

Absolutely perfect for the next time you need to cut the head off of a water buffalo with one stroke - all of the cows near my home live in fear of the day I decide to remake my undergraduate film school 8mm version of Apocalypse Now (yclept Apocryphal Now - no, we didn't kill animals (or students), but there was a great air strike scene I created with some construction-paper huts, lighter fluid, and a $2.00 helicopter model on a string.) I am, of course, kidding. Please don't really cut up live cows with this kukri.

length: 32"
blade: 23 3/4"
blade width: 3 1/8" at widest
blade thickness: 3/8"
grip and bolster: 8 1/4"
weight (kukri): 4 lb 10.0 oz
weighti (kukri and scabbard): 6 lb 4.0 oz

Price: $130

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