Stiklestad Viking sword

In 1030 Olav Haraldsson, the exiled King of Norway, returned to his homeland in an attempt to regain his throne. His clever plan of bringing 3,600 warriors didn't work so well when he met a force of 7,000 at Stiklestad farm, north of Trondheim. By the end of the day Olav was dead, and his body was carried away and buried in secrecy in Trondheim. The year after the battle his coffin was moved to St. Klement's Church in Trondheim. According to contemporary accounts, his body was uncorrupted and his hair had grown. Olav was sanctified by the Church and given the name Saint Olaf.

Olav den helliges fall i slaget på Stiklestad; watercolor by Peter Nicolai Arbo, circa 1859

This Stiklestad Viking sword is copied from an example of the period. Made from 1095 high carbon steel by a manufacturer who originally misspell the name "Sticklestad", but fixed their spelling a bit after I first listed this sword on TherionArms. (This is another point of information you can use to differentiate knowledgeable sword dealers from cut'n'paste 1-800-swords'r'us monkeys - look to see who hasn't corrected the spelling). This sword is a beautifully balanced and highly effective weapon. The pommel and guard are decorated with copper, the grip is leather suede covering wood, the scabbard is matching leather suede covering wood with steel fittings. A very attractive sword.

length: 37"
blade: 31"
blade width: 2"
blade thickness: 3 /16"
weight: 2 lb 12 oz

Price: $325

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