Tinker Pearce Norman sword

Designed by Michael "Tinker" Pearce and made by Paul Chen / Hanwei to Tinker's exacting specifications, this sharp Norman style sword is balanced to optimize cutting ability and authentic handling characteristics. The distinctive brazil-nut pommel is peened to the full-length tang. The blade is forged from 5160 high carbon steel marquenched to HRc50-52, allowing superior edge retention. The grip has a cord-wrapped wood core covered with leather. The wooden scabbard is covered with leather and has steel fittings. A very light and fast sword with a slender grip for great control.

length: 36"
blade: 30 1/2"
blade width: 2" at base
blade width: 7/8" at 2" from tip
grip and pommel: 5 1/4"
guard: 7"
balance point: 5 1/4" from guard
weight (sword): 2 lb 6.5 oz
weight (sword and scabbard): 3 lb 2.0 oz

Price: $290

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