Spanish bilbo

length: 41 1/2"
blade: 33 1/4"
blade width: 1 3/8" at base
blade width: 3/4" near tip
blade thickness: 3/16"
grip and pommel: 5 1/2"
interior ricasso length: 2 1/4" (inside shell)
guard: 9"
shell: 4" x 7"
balance point: 3" from shell/guard
weight (sword): 2 lb 11.0 oz
weight (sword and scabbard): 3 lb 3.0 oz

A Spanish cut and thrust / sidesword / sword rapier. Developed and popularized in Spain, but found in various forms throughout Western Europe (quite a few made it to England), the Caribbean (pirates!), and occasionally in Central America (late Conquistadors). Typical bilbo (bilbao in Portugal) had fast and light broadsword blade married to what varied between a large shell guard and a half basket hilt (as in this example - rather like a cup-hilt with the cup extended towards the pommel to form a wide knuckleguard). Various forms were in use from the early 1600's all the way up through the early 1800's. Finely tempered and flexible blade, steel basket and pommel, wood grip with twisted wire hammered into grooves to facilitate a firm hold. Leather scabbard with steel fittings. This sword is quite light, capable of both fast point work and quick draw cuts.