Fuku Riu dragon katana

length: 36"
blade: 28"
tsuka: 12"

Through Japanese history, dragons have been an integral part of the life and lore of Japan. The Fuku Riu (dragon) katana has been designed to commemorate some of the most well known dragons found in Japanese myth and legend. Paul Chen / Hanwei's designers have brought to life in this sword not only a unique idea, but a unique sword.

Little is known of the Fuku Riu. It is said, however, that if Fuku Riu is seen, good fortune and luck will soon follow the beholder. The dragon is often depicted ascending heavenwards, a sign of successs. This ascension is commemorated in the tsuba of the katana. The pearl being held by the dragon is also a sign of good luck and wealth. The design of this tsuba is a first for master sword maker Paul Chen. The saya design is also unique, as it is a black-green blend - green being a color associated in Japanese history with luck.

The blade of each of Fuku Riu katana is hand-forged and folded from K120C powder steel. The blade style is unokubi zukuri, half fullered with a reinforced kissaki. The saya is a blend of green and black polished lacquer. The tsuka is black silk tsuka-ito in a traditional wrap over white same' (ray skin). The tsuba is crafted in traditional blackened iron with a detailed depiction of the Fuku Riu dragon holding a smoky agate pearl. The fuchi and kashira are also of blackened iron. The kashira depicts a dragon claw also holding an agate pearl, the pearl being set so that it is free to rotate within the claw.

This katana is a Limited Edition: only 150 have been made. Comes with a Limited Edition Certificate and a maintenance kit. Also available is the matching Fuku Riu dragon wakizashi.

Discontinued and sold out, sorry