Flamberge zweihander (decorative)

length: 49 1/2"
blade (flamberge): 26 1/2"
forward ricasso and wings: 2"
leather ricasso: 6"
wings: 5 3/4"
grip and pommel: 12 1/4"
guard: 9 3/4"
weight (sword): 4 lb 2.5 oz
weight (sword & sheath): 5 lb 0.0 oz

A decorative zweihander, made from stainless steel. This particular sword does not have the side-rings that many zweihander have, making it perfect for hanging on wall or hall.

*blink* *blink* "What a minute, Therion! You're known for offering functional swords, and have often decried stainless steel wall hangers. What's up with the stainless zweihander?"

Yeah, I know - it's stainless steel, but you have to admit that it's a pretty nifty and affordable dress sword / costume sword / wall hanger. The blade is not sharpened, and I most emphatically DO NOT recommend that this sword be used for any form of training. Despite the "battle ready!" claims of some sellers-of-sword-shaped-objects, stainless steel is not a good material for making swords - it makes a great kitchen knife or nice dress knife, but stainless steel is way too brittle for sword-length objects, and they usually have undersized tangs. However, stainless steel can make for some pretty impressive decorative or dress-wear swords, and this one is just too cool not to offer.

This is a Swiss or German zweihander (two-hand sword), with a flamberge (wavy) blade. The blade and fittings are stainless steel, and the sword comes with a leather back sheath. (Which, by the way, is useful for costume wear but is not historically accurate - German and Swiss landsknecht would carry these weapons with the blades bare, or would leave them in the baggage carts until time for use).

At this price, you can buy two and hang them crossed on your wall or one on each side of your fireplace - just don't hit anything with them!

Discontinued and sold out