Japanese yari

The Japanese sword, the katana, not only could cut through gun barrels, but they totally ruled the battlefields of feudal Japan. Wait, what's that? You say the yari (spear) actually ruled the battlefields of feudal Japan? Balderdash! I'll bet you're going to tell me next that katanas *couldn't* cut through machine gun barrels - I hear there's a video on the internet! (note: the katana cutting through a machine gun in WWII story is a myth - and there were a lot more guys with spears in Japan than there were guys with swords, and battles were won by "push of pike", not noble slashing.)

That leads us to this spear:

This reproduction, made by Paul Chen / Hanwei, is a su-yari (simply: "straight-spear"). The T-10 high carbon steel triangulated blade is differentially tempered with hamon on each edge and a deep fuller on the flat, pinned into the shaft with a long secure tang. The shaft is finished in textured black lacquer and has a slightly flattened side at the bottom section to help the wielder feel optimal blade orientation.

I hear these spears can stab through Sherman tanks, too. Okay, not really, but they are damned fine examples of a very elegant and extremely effective weapon.

overall length: 6 feet 7 inches
blade: 16 3/4"
shaft: 62 1/2"
weight: 3 lb 11 oz

Price: $420

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