Lowlander 'Hero' greatsword

A lowland Scottish greatsword / claymore - while the Highland Scots are famous for their claymores, the Lowland Scots were feared for their greatswords! Everyone is familiar with the Highlanders, but don't forget that it was the ancestors of the lowland Gaelic warriors who made the Roman occupiers of Britain decide that invading what-was-to-become-Scotland was too much trouble, and that it was safer to build Hadrian's Wall and stay south of the fortifications. It was also the Lowlanders who gave the English so much trouble in the 16th century (the famed "Border Reivers"). This massive Lowland Claymore is from that age when knights wore mail, barrel helms and some small pieces of plate, and this type of sword could wreak havoc on that type of armor. The fully tempered high carbon steel blade has a flattened cross section, fullered to increase strength and reduce weight. The fittings are steel and the long grip is cord-wrapped wood. This sword does not come with a scabbard, as scabbards were not historically used with lowland greatswords - they were carried into battle bare.

length: 63 3/4"
blade: 48"
blade width: 2"
blade thickness: 3/16"
grip and pommel: 15"
guard: 13 3/4"
balance point: 9 3/4" from guard
weight: 7 lb 2.5 oz

The last two pictures above show the (slightly damaged) original that this sword is based upon. The original is in the Arms & Armor Gallery of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow.