Viking umbrella

length: 33 3/8"
umbrella: 39" across
grip and pommel: 5"
guard: 4 3/8"
weight: 15.6 oz

This umbrella's grip is a copy of a Viking sword found in Finland, circa 850 (this sword can be seen in "Records Of The Medieval Sword" by Ewart Oakeshott, page 83). This auto-opening full-sized umbrella has a black exterior with a silver interior. The hilt is molded plastic with "chromed" metalized finish fittings and a sewn leatherette grip. A strapped sheath is included, allowing you carry the umbrella across your back, or you can hang it behind the shields on your longship and be ready for any North Sea storms.

Also available are a Gothic bastard umbrella and a Samurai umbrella.

Discontinued and sold out