US M1860 Naval cutlass

A reproduction of the Model 1860 US Navy cutlass from an original made by Ames. The blade is hand forged 1060 high carbon steel blade tempered to an excellent flexibility - military spec, it will flex over 20 degrees and return to true. The hilt and basket guard are brass. Perfect for Civil War reenactors and folks interested in late 19th century hand to hand combat. Comes with a matching leather scabbard with brass fittings and a leather hanger/frog. For some unknown reason, you'll see similar (but decidedly inferior!) copies of the M1860 advertised on some web sites as "pirate swords". Pretty silly, eh? I'm glad you know better.

length: 31 1/2"
blade: 26 1/2"
blade width: 1 14" at base
blade width: 3/4" at 2" from tip
grip and pommel: 5 3/8"
interior grip: 4 1/4"
guard: 4" x 4 3/4"
balance point: 4 1/4"
weight (sword): 1 lb 4.5 oz
weight (sword, scabbard, and frog): 2 lb 9.5 oz

Price: $280

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