GDFB tie-closure gambeson - white/natural

Sizes available:
L - 37 1/2" long, fits up to 46" chest (sold out)
XL - 38 1/2" long, fits up to 48" chest (sold out)
XXL - 40" long, fits up to 50" chest (sold out)

This thickly padded gambeson has leather-tie closures with reinforced eyelets and edgings. For extra mobility, the elbows have reduced padding and the armpits are open. Crafted with a quilted and felted wool interior and heavy-duty canvas exterior, it has excellent blow-absorbing properties when worn on its own as padded armor or as a practice/training jacket, and provides superior protection from cuts when worn under maille or plate. The weight is about 7-8 lbs (depending upon size).

Size L sold out

Size XL sold out

Size XXL sold out

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