Soldier's dagger

In an age where everyone (high and low alike) carried a dagger at all times ("Of course he has a knife, he always has a knife, we all have knives! It's 1183 and we're barbarians!"), this one stands out as the sort of weapon that the hard-bitten professional fighting man would prefer. This no-nonsense dagger has a high carbon steel blade with a strong and sharp point. Steel guard and pommel, grip wrapped in leather cord, contrast/matching leather scabbard with steel fittings.

length: 14 3/4"
blade: 9 3/4"
blade width: 1 3/8"
blade thickness: 3/16"
grip and pommel: 4 5/8"
guard: 4 5/8"
balance point: at back of guard
weight (dagger): 15.3 oz
weight (dagger and sheath): 1 lb 3.0 oz

Discontinued and sold out