Thirty Years' War military rapier

From 1618-1648, the destructive Thirty Years' War included most of the countries of Europe at one point or another. Fought on many fronts, the war laid waste to Germany and central Europe. This wickedly fast sword dating from the period would have seen action on the battlefield as well as being worn by nobles as a sign of wealth and importance. This reproduction features an intricate swept hilt of blackened steel with a wood grip covered in genuine ray skin. The hand forged high carbon steel blade is fully tempered, tough and springy. The leather scabbard has decorative steel fittings blackened to match the rapier's hilt. Keptin Michael Caine would be proud to carry this sword ("Zere ist no God. Ve killed him at Magdeburg").

length: 41 3/4"
blade: 32 3/4"
blade width: 1 7/16"
blade thickness: 3/8"
weight: 2 lb 8 oz

Discontinued and sold out