17th century Italian rapier

A beautifully executed 17th century Italian rapier with a three ringed complex swept hilt and faceted pommel. The grip is hand wound with silver plated wire with woven wire rings top and bottom. The fully tempered, hand forged high carbon steel blade features a wide fuller to lighten and strengthen the blade, while the heavy ricasso provides extra strength for both thrusting and parrying. Top quality leather scabbard with deeply engraved floral patterns on the throat and tip. This type of sword was quite effective as a dueling weapon: the very butcher of a silk button!

length: 45"
blade: 38" (including 3" ricasso)
blade width: 3/4" at ricasso
blade width: 7/16" at 2" from tip
blade thickness: 3/16"
grip and pommel: 6 3/8"
cross-guard: 9 1/4"
balance point: 2 1/4" - right at the foreguard
weight (sword): 2 lb 12.0 oz
weight (sword and scabbard): 3 lb 0.0 oz

Price: $325

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