Renaissance hunting sword

length: 41 3/4"
blade: 35 1/8"
ricasso: 1 1/2"
blade width: 1 1/2" at ricasso
blade width: 5/8" at 2" from tip
blade thickness: 3/16"
grip and pommel: 6 1/8"
guard: 8 1/8"
balance point: 4"
weight (sword): 2 lb 11.5 oz
weight (sword and scabbard): 3 lb 4.5 oz

Cut and thrust swords used for the hunt were much like those used in war. They were meant for dispatching large game like boar and deer, as well as to provide some protection from the unemployed mercenaries that roved across the countryside of Europe. Nicely shaped steel fittings compliment the tempered steel blade. The grip is part steel, part leather wrapped wood. Leather scabbard with steel fittings included.

Discontinued and sold out