Axe-Gang hatchet

Made famous in a plethora of Kung Fu movies (both western and eastern made), this devastating Chinese styled hatchet features a drop-forged head with a differential (hard edge-soft body) heat treatment and a four inch cutting edge with sharp corners. The handle is straight-grain American Hickory imprinted with "Axe Gang" (or at least that's what the manufacturer, Cold Steel, tells us - for all I know, it says "Yankee Go Home". Can anyone verify the translation?) Makes a great hand or throwing axe, but you already know this - you've seen the movies.

length: 20 3/8"
head: 5 1/8"
edge: 4"
back: 2 1/4" x 1"
handle: 18"
weight: 2 lb 0.0 oz

(also available is an indestructible polypropylene training version.)

Price: $35

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