'Indestructible' dragon walking stick

length: 38 3/4"
head: 4 1/2"
width: 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" at neck
weight: 1 lb 15.9 oz

Offered for folks who are studying baritsu or la canne, or who believe in an elegant choice for speaking softly, or for occasionally gimpy old warriors like me - and the reason I'm offering this walking stick in particular (besides it's a cool dragon) is that it's 38 3/4" high to to top of the head - LONG ENOUGH TO USE WITHOUT BENDING OVER! (sorry about the shouting, but it bugs me that most canes are 36" long, and I have to lean sideways to use them.)

Anyway, this dragon-headed walking stick/cane is made from indestructible polypropylene, is long enough to actually use, is impressively hefty and solid, and looks like a dragon. How can you argue with that? (protip: don't argue with old coots carrying big sticks, they likely know how to use them). Self-defense, hiking, walking, gimping - in functional style.

Price: $55

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