War flail

While it is true that flails (and similar articulated weapons) in many cases evolved from agricultural tools, it doesn't necessarily follow that all such weapons are wielded by peasants. (That's only mostly true). This particular style of flail is eastern European (or, as they call themselves, Central European) in style, likely Hussite or Bohemian. The principle is simple - hold the stick and whack 'em with the moving end, but it's not a simple grain thresher - the bar weights are clearly intended for making life extremely uncomfortable for opponents in armor. Rugged and brutally elegant, this sturdily constructed war flail features hand-forged fittings, langets, rings, chains, and beater bars. This is no third-world Hollywood-fantasy replica wall hanger, it's a solidly constructed evil weapon from an evil time. I guess you could call this an (dramatic pause) ... epic flail.

length: 44 1/4"
evil whacking part: 18 1/4"
wood grip: 23 1/2" x 1 1/4"
langets: 5"
top ring: 3"
connector ring: 1 7/8"
chains: 13"
beater bars: 3 3/8" x 5/8"
weight: 3 lbs

Price: $65

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