Cimmerian shield

Yeah, it's not historical. I don't care, the original John Milius "Conan the Barbarian" film was one of the most awesome movies ever.

This reproduction is of one of the shields that Mako/The Wizard pulled out of the big pile of "Hey, where'd you get this stuff?" "The Dead!" in the climactic Battle of the Mounds scene where two stood against many. (If the gods are not going to help, they'd best stay out of the way.) Steel with an antiqued bronze finish, fully functional with a reinforced rounded edge and leather grip and arm straps. If you do not like Crom's film, then TO HELL with you!

size: 24 1/4"
rolled rim: 1/2" thick(!)
weight: 9 lb 0.5 oz

(these were discontinued in 2016 - but now they're back! - yes, you heard that in Arnie's voice)