Italian visored bascinet

An Italian bascinet with a beaked face - reproduced in 14 gauge steel from a 15th century original in the Musee de l'Armee in Paris (catalog #H24). I rather like the looks of this helmet, it's not the usual houndskull or klappvisier. Comes with a lightly quilted inner liner and y-mount chinstrap, and vervelles for mounting an aventail.

Here's the inspiration/original of this helmet, which looks to have been worn as a great bascinet rather than as an aventailed bascinet:

Bacinetto Italiano
Prove di marchio dei Missaglia - XV sec.
Parisi - Musee de l'Armee

These helmets went out of production in 2018 and were all sold out in 2019 - but here they are, back again in 2020 (hey, *some* good things have to happen this year, right?)

Size: GDFB Large (26" outer circumference - good for up to 23 1/2" or 24" heads depending upon added padding.)

Price: $195

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