Heavy war hammer

This is da big badda boom of historical war hammers. I know you're now thinking about the comically oversized polo mallets you've seen at Renaissance Faires and thinking that those are the big badda boom of historical war hammers. They're not, but they are great for pounding in stakes when putting up tents or ringing the bell and winning kewpie dolls. This heah above be de wah hammah, mon. Nasty hammer head, nastier bec-de-corbin backspike, hardwood shaft protected by langets. Go forth and whop upon thine enemies. Actually, don't hit people, it's not nice. Didn't your mother teach you that? You can, however, really scare your friends who own expensive armor and/or pulp the heck out of melons with this thing.

length: 23 1/2"
head: 7 1/8"
hammer face: 1 1/4" x 1"
beak: 4"
weight: 3 lb 1.0 oz

Price: $120

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