M1907 Lee-Enfield bayonet

Made for the British No.1 MkIII SMLE rifle (Short Magazine Lee-Enfield, commonly referred to as the Smelly). This reproduction bayonet still has the curved quillon of the pre-WW1 version - curved quillon originals are extremely rare, as the quillons were removed before the bayonets were mass-issued very early on in the war. The blade is fully tempered 1060 high carbon steel, blued to match the originals, with original markings reproduced. The grips are oiled wood, the sheath is back-sewn leather with matte black steel fittings.

length: 21 5/8"
blade: 17"
blade width: 7/8"
grip and pommel: 4 3/8"
guard: 3"
weight (bayonet): 1 lb 1.1 oz
weight (bayonet and sheath): 1 lb 7.4 oz

Price: $130

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